How to Learn WordPress – A WordPress tutorial

How to Learn WordPress – A WordPress Tutorial

By Imran Malik


How to Learn WordPress is a WordPress tutorial. WordPress has truly revolutionized the website design/development. In this WordPress tutorial, I am going to provide you information on WordPress & how to build a WordPress website. Later on, in this WordPress tutorial, I will provide you information on SEO for WordPress website. This WordPress tutorial will help you to learn WordPress from scratch and will make you an expert user of WordPress.


How to Setup WordPress?


At this stage of WordPress Tutorial,you’ll learn how to set up a website or a blog on WordPress. For this purpose, you need to install the WordPress platform on your computer. Go toWordPress and download the latest version of WordPress. Once you download WordPress platform, you need to download the latest version of MAMP for windows. I am providing you a download link below
Download MAMP



How to Setup MAMP?

This would be your personal web server, it will allow you to build & test WordPress webpage on your computer locally before you transfer them onto your live web hosting server.
When you finish with downloading of MAMP software, you need to install it by running the setup file. In this way, a web server would be installed on your computer. MAMP gives you the flexibility to host WordPress and PHP platforms on your local computer. Before we proceed further with setting up of WordPress, we need to run MAMP and its services. Click on MAMP icon on your desktop, once it starts


running, click on “Preferences” tab. It will open up the preferences window as shown in the picture below.


Click on the “Ports” tab and setup your ports accordingly as shown in the picture above.
You have completed step 2 of WordPress installation. Now we proceed to our 3rd step, where we will set up a database for our WordPress website or blog.

Setting up a Database for WordPress Website

At this stage of WordPress Tutorial, We need to set up a database for our website before we can further proceed with WordPress installation and could start actually building our first WordPress website. For doing that, we need to click the MAMP icon on our desktop. It will open up our MAMP application show in the image below.


Now you need to make sure that both of your web servers are running as shown in the red box in the picture above. If they are not running, you can start them by clicking the “Start Servers” or “Stop Servers” icon as shown in the yellow box.
Once your Apache Server & MySQL Server start running, you can proceed to build your first database for your first WordPress website.
Click on the “Open start page” as shown in the red box in the image below.



Setting Up Your First Database for WordPress

At this stage of the WordPress Tutorial, you will learn how to set up your first database to start building your WordPress Website. You need to follow the selected option in the image shown below.

This will open up the browser showing your localhost. An image has been provided below for you to easily understand the whole learning process of setting up WordPress on your computer.


This page will show you information about your username and password. You need to note down this information, as without this, you would not be able to build your WordPress website or blog.


Now select the following options in the tools menu as shown in the picture below

Click on phpMyAdmin, you will get the next window, where you would be able to create your first database for your WordPress website.

Name your database and click the create button. Your first database has been created. Congratulations, you are almost there to start building your WordPress website.


Summary of WordPress Tutorial

In this WordPress Tutorial, I have tried to tell you how to setup your WordPress platform on your computer and start building your own WordPress website. WordPress gives you the flexibility to customize the design of your WordPress Website. You can install a theme of your own choice, according to the requirements of your business.
In my next article, I will teach you how to start building an interactive WordPress website, how to customize its themes, how to install plugins, how to install SEO features to rank your website higher in the Google search engine ranking. You can also read our SEO article for more knowledge on this subject


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