Learn Digital Marketing & SEO Techniques in 2018

Learn Digital Marketing & SEO Techniques in 2018


A freelancer is a professional who puts in his energies and efforts to bring success for himself while staying within his comfort zone. SEO techniques are extremely important to learn for any freelancer. Success has a different meaning for each one of us. Lets analyze what does it mean for a freelancer?  Every one of us would derive a different result from this sentence “success for a freelancer”.How to make money from internet is obviously a hot topic. Most of the freelancers use internet as a money-making source. In my previous articles, I highlighted on different ways of freelancing. In this article, I am going to highlight internet marketing, SEO techniques and blogging as a profession itself as the key areas for my article.

Internet / Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Internet / digital marketing has evolved marketing into its next level. Through digital marketing , you can promote your products in every corner of the world using the power of internet and social media. Digital marketing is also an effective way of brand recognition. You can promote your brands with less spending than the traditional advertising methods.  Read Read more


How to use social media as a source for digital marketing

Social Media

Using social media as a source for digital marketing is extremely important. It has many benefits. I am going to write a few of them here

  • Social media is a free source of marketing , you don’t need to put in lots of efforts in order to get results from your marketing campaigns using social media
  • Social media is a free source of quality internet traffic. You can use this traffic to promote your products
  • Social media platforms are interlinked these days. You can increase your views by launching your campaigns on multiple social media websites.
  • Creating your customized pages related to your products on social media can bring free traffic for you.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn can be used to promote products / services without spending a lot on traditional advertising.Read more

Learn SEO Techniques

Search engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are extremely important to discuss while writing about internet marketing/ digital marketing. With the help of search engine optimization, you can bring traffic to your website. This traffic can be helpful for you in many ways. If you are selling products / services on your website, then this traffic would bring a lot of prospective customers to your website. If you are running a blog and you need people to view your blog , optimization is the best way for that purpose.

How to learn SEO techniques
SEO Techniques

SEO has 2 main dimensions, both of them are interlinked and extremely important in order to rightly optimize the search engine. Google is the main search engine over the internet these days. A person who would want to bring traffic to his website, would do  optimization for Google search engine. This process has two key stages.

  1. On page SEO
  2. Off page SEO

On Page SEO

On Page SEO

On Page SEO is the process of optimization of search engine where every thing happens with in your blog / website. Before I discuss this in detail, make sure you add metadata tags within the header of your website’s index / homepage for search engine indexing.

You need to have installed an SEO plug-in. YOAST SEO is considered best for this purpose. Yoast SEO  is going to give you a lot of help and guidance in order to rightly optimize the search engine.

In on page SEO, we use keywords in our articles, internal & external links  to bring traffic on to our landing pages or websites. If you are running a blog, make sure you write contents using proper key words. Choosing a right title is extremely important.  Focus key words are important for the readability factor. Always make sure you write short sentences and make your content easy to understand for your readers.

off page SEO

Off Page SEO

Off page SEO mainly consists of everything which is used with your blog from external sources. having the right back links is an effective method and you can buy back links from  internet in a small amount. This would bring a lot of traffic to your blog. Using forums for bringing free traffic to your blog is also an effective method. You can share links of blog on forums like raddit. Google+ is also a very effective platform for bringing free traffic to your blog. Always try to join communities related to your niche and share your blog with them.  LinkedIn is also very effective in terms of getting good results for your blog or website. You can share your blog with your contacts and within the groups.

Blogging is an effective way of generating income. You need to have a lot patience with this area of freelancing as it can take from 3-6 months for the search engines to start listing your blog / website in the search results. Key to success here is the  continuity of quality writing. Always try to write on relevant topics with  appropriate search key words. Learn about Google Ad sense

In my next article, i am going to write in detail about how to bring free traffic to your blog with live screen shots.



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