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 Social Media Marketing

Written By Imran Malik

Social Media Marketing is part of a new pattern of online marketing, known as digital marketing. In the recent times, social Media Marketing has been playing a vital role in the success of businesses. You can easily launch a social media campaign for your products or services. The effectiveness of Social Media Marketing can be seen in terms of having quick business conversions.  Social media platforms are making marketing an easy task for every one of us. Today  I am going to write about Social Media Marketing, what social media platforms can be used for digital marketing, how to use social media to launch a social media campaign and lastly I will discuss Facebook advertising & Facebook business.


Let’s start by defining what exactly social media marketing is

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the use of social media platforms for the promotion of your products & services. Social Media Marketing is gaining popularity day by day because of it’s easy to understand mechanism and its effective reach out to the potential customers. Social media platforms have got built-in analytical tools & Campaign builders. By using these tools, anyone can launch an effective social media campaign to make his / her product or service noticeable for the large section of social media users.


Which Platforms Can be Used for Social Media Marketing?

Almost each & every social media platform can be used for social media marketing.  Every one of us uses a social media platform these days to connect with each other on the internet. This easy connectivity has made marketing more effective on digital platforms. Now we do not spend time on handing out flyers on the streets or by giving one to one information to potential customers in shopping malls. The effectiveness of social media campaign has made things lot better for both traders & customers.


How to Devise a Social Media Campaign?

In Social Media Marketing, now i will discuss how to devise social media campaigns. Like every other way of marketing, social media marketing also requires planning. You need to be sure about which social media platform can be used for the effectiveness of your social media campaign. Social media has a wide variety of potential customers. People almost from all age groups, ethnic backgrounds & cultures are using social media platforms these days. In order to hit your target market, you need to be smart enough while launching a social media campaign. Your optimized Social media strategy would enable you to attract potential customers from social media. These leads can be converted easily into the business by choosing the right set of marketing strategies.

How to Segment Your Target Market on Social Media?

In Social Media Marketing, now I’ll discuss Market Segmentation. In marketing, we use market segmentation in order to choose our target market.  Market segmentation is the process of dividing an existing consumer/business market into smaller subgroups. To make your social media campaign successful, it’s absolutely important to have your target customer base. You can choose from a number of segmentation criteria while devising a campaign for your product or services. For example, for selling some games online, you would prefer to choose the age of your target audience somewhere between 13 – 25 years. This age group would include both male & female potential customers. You would also be able to choose the area where you would prefer to market your product. These factors will increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign.

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Facebook for Social Media Marketing

Facebook is the most important segment of Social Media Marketing. Now I’ll discuss how to use Facebook to get maximum out of Social Media Marketing.

Facebook has been a source of social connections for the last many years. Almost all of us are using it to share our experiences, pictures, blogs & videos with our friends & family. Facebook has not only provided people a way to socialize but also provided a very effective way of promoting our businesses.  With Facebook, you can launch a social media campaign easily and reach out to your potential customers.  Facebook is providing advertising services for the promotion of businesses. Now you can easily promote your business through Facebook ads. Facebook has a built-in feature of Ads Manager. This feature allows to run your Facebook ads, customized with your business logo and your business slogan.  This feature also gives you the ability to choose your target market. You can choose your own segmentation criteria and start displaying your Facebook ads to attract your potential customers.

Social Media Marketing is an effective way of promoting our businesses. Social Media Marketing is getting huge popularity in Pakistan these days.


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About the writer:
Imran Malik is the Managing Director of Premier Research & Data Management Services (PRDSM) Ltd. Imran holds an MBA degree from University of Wales, Cardiff, UK. Imran has worked with many prestigious companies in UK &  Pakistan.  Imran remained involved in writing blog on social issues for the last many years. He is now utilizing his experience to guide the young freelancers in Pakistan through this blog.

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