How to write your research proposal?

Writing your research assignment can be very hectic at times. There would be situations where you would have no clear understanding of what to write and how to write. This happens with everyone in the initial phase, so no need to worry about it and concentrate onĀ  your work.

Before moving on to the complex topics of research, its very important to have a clear understanding of the topic of research while you submit your research proposal or project proposal. You should know about the scope of the study, you should have clear understanding about the subject you are doing your research on. You should be very clear about finding answers of 3 types of questions

  • What?
  • How?
  • Why?

Answers to these 3 types of questions would formulate the basis of your research. Write down the research questions according to the scope of your research study. Make them simple as they would formulate the basis for your study.

Next blog would be about the next stage. I hope this information would be useful for you.



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