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Skills Needed to be a successful freelancer in 2017

Skills needed to be a successful freelancer in 2017

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Freelancing is growing day by day and everyday you will see thousands of people who wish to join any of the market places as a freelancer. Freelancers are now taking this field to the next level, where they not only earn for themselves but also train others. What skills should someone have to be a successful freelancer? This is a very important question and it can have multiple answers. As a Freelancer, you can utilize many of your skills in order to convert them into a money making trade for yourself. I am going to highlight a few of the those skills that Freelancers are using these days. Before i do that, lets analyze ourselves first using swot analysis.

Do a swot analysis of yourself

swot analysis

Before choosing a skill, do an analysis of yourself. You need to know about your strong points , your abilities which can give you a competitive advantage as a Freelancer. You Should also be aware of your weak points  This is what we call a swot analysis in our marketing terms. A successful freelancer can be the one who could scan the environment around him , who could see what are the  skills needed in the market at present? what skills he is having at present? & how could he update his skills in order to stay competitive in the market? These things are extremely important. Training & continuous learning are the key points for success as a freelancer.

How to design & develop websites as a freelancer

Websit Development

If you are a person who has been in the IT field previously or you are the one who knows how to write code  for website development, then you can be the one with a higher rate of success as a freelancer. There are many freelancer’s online market places where you can signup and start your work by sitting in the comfort of your house and without worrying about anything further. This can be your first step in the market as a freelancer. Online market places like Freelancer.,guru can be a good resource for you. You can try your luck on these and many other online market places. Getting some initial work is certainly difficult at times but once you start getting some work, try to complete your work according to the deadlines. Meeting your deadline for the delivery of work is extremely important. Once you do your project as a Freelancer on time and in a professional manner, your chances of getting more work increases by 200% as it will have a better impact on your profile ratings.

Writing articles & blogs

Writing Blogs

Ability to write is a blessing as it can give your career an edge and you can compete with other freelancers in an effective manner. You can write on any topic but its always important to choose a niche and write on that, especially if you are writing a blog. If you are a business graduate , an IT professional, a trained teacher or  a student then you have many options for you to choose from and start writing. In my previous blog How to be a successful freelancer“, I discussed a few things which you should consider in order to stay competitive as a freelancer. Always try to write on that topic in which you think you have expertise and  some material which could be of the interest of your readers. Try to use simple language and try to convey your points in a simple manner. Do not make topics difficult as you can have readers from all sorts of backgrounds. A successful freelancer would always try to maximize his readership by writing on those topics, in which people get some useful information for their personal and professional use.

Research writing is another area but it’s a specialized one. You should not step into this area until and unless you have the knowledge and expertise to write research assignments.

In my next article, I am going to highlight some other areas where you can get success as a freelancer.